Tulsa Rally for Trump! Stand Up and Show Your Support of Our President

Tulsa Rally for Trump!



If people only listen to the corrupt, biased news, they are led to believe that President Trump has no support - that his base has abandoned him, when the quite opposite is true! We are here! We have his back!

We see what Nancy Pelosi and the left are trying to do with this impeachment witch hunt. Everything is being done behind closed doors with no opportunity for rebuttal or ability to defend much less face the accuser. You realize they aren't just trying to impeach our President, they want to impeach our vote! Not on our watch!

Let's show the left that we stand WITH President Trump with a massive show of support at rallies across the country.

Let your voice be heard!! We want President Trump to know he is not alone and the people stand with him.

Please plan to join us at Veteran's Park (Tulsa) for this important event. *This event is associated with the Women for America March being held this day in Washington, D.C. www.trumpmarch.com

Our President needs us more than ever. We must not let him down.

Bring lawn chairs, flags and signs of support for President Trump!

NOW is the time to be bold and to show our support for our President.

Jarrin Jackson, combat veteran and West Point graduate, will emcee the Tulsa event. Jarrin can be heard on 1170KFAQ's Pat Campbell Show every Wednesday at 9:00 AM and has just returned from speaking at the Black Leadership Conference for Turning Point USA. Other special speakers include elected officials and local activists will also address the crowd at Veterans Park.

Attendees are encouraged to wear Trump hats, t-shirts and other campaign gear to show support for the President.

*T-shirts and merchandise will be available for purchase.

Please join us!

Tulsa Rally for Trump
Thursday, October 17
Veterans Park - Tulsa
1811 S Boulder Park Dr, Tulsa
5:30 - 7:00

Please keep signs positive. Our goal is to show our support for President Trump!



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Larry Wasson, Chair
Wagoner County GOP