4 Second Decision

When I was invited to write an op-ed article for the Wagoner County GOP Facebook page I was "admonished" to be succinct and reminded that the "Facebook generation" is above all else, brief.  I was told professional research shows the average attention span of current TV viewers has been measured at four seconds and visual scenes are changed on that interval in contemporary TV production to hold the viewing audience's attention.

Four seconds.

Wagoner County GOP is a group of people priding themselves in projecting an attitude of abiding respect for the US Constitution, a document that defines the powers and limitations of the social organ that governs us.  It took a committee of people 116 days to draft the US Constitution -- and today we select our representatives who make that social organ run, listening to four second sound bytes.

Before the age of instant gratification and perpetual electronic connection people communicated in complete sentences expressing considered thoughts.  If you are unable to focus your attention on anything longer than four seconds, I would suggest it is not an issue of subject matter but an issue of the limitation of your own self-discipline. 

If U R mkng pol choices bsed on 4 sec sound bytes -- STOP!