2024 Candidates

On behalf of the Wagoner County Candidate Information Committee (“CIC”), we would like to welcome you to the 2024 CIC Questionnaire Results webpage.

The establishment of the CIC was approved by members of the Wagoner County Republican Party (“WCRP”) in 2018 at its County Convention. Its purpose is to determine to what extent candidates seeking to represent Wagoner County citizens truly understand and represent the Core Values adopted by the WCRP and codified in our Party Platform. This process is not intended to pick winners or losers among candidates. Rather, it compares candidates’ responses against our Core Values. The written questions are designed to be thought provoking and offer the candidates an opportunity to provide any explanatory comments they may wish to add. This process is done as a public service to Wagoner County voters to assist them in being well-informed when they go to the polls on June 18.

Follow-up interviews were conducted by way of a Zoom call between the candidate and members of the CIC. All interviews are conducted by the same moderator. These interviews were audio recorded, where consent was given by the candidate, and are included in each candidates’ links below.

For a complete copy of the CIC Rules codified in our Bylaws click here.

An objective raw Conservative Index score was derived based on initial responses to the questionnaire and then was adjusted, where appropriate, based on the follow-up interview. The adjusted Conservative Index score below indicates a candidates' response consistency with the Core Values of the WCRP.

During this 2024 Election Cycle there were 15 elective offices up for election. In 5 of those races, the incumbents ran unopposed and were reelected; in the other 2 races the Republican candidates did not draw a Republican opponent but will appear on the November ballot. In the remaining 8 races, there were a total of 21 candidates who were sent Questionnaires; 9 of whom chose to participate in this process. In addition, there were 2 additional candidates whose information appears below by virtue of their having participated in a prior year’s CIC process.

On Thursday, June 6, we will be hosting a Candidate Forum at the NSU Broken Arrow Campus.
(3100 New Orleans St, Broken Arrow, OK) at 7:00 pm. We invite you to attend; come early at 6:15 and meet the candidates in a one-on-one setting. More information can be found by Clicking on this link.

We hope after reviewing this information you will take a moment to quickly respond to a one question survey indicating how you heard about our CIC Questionnaire and results.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and review this information. I hope you will also take a few moments to take a quick tour of our website to see what other information is available.

Members of the 2024 Candidate Information Committee:
           Chris Corcoran, Chair           Matthew Vermillion             Martha Vermillion
           Michael Kauskey                  Larry Gallo                         Justin Dine


Candidate (by office then alphabetical by last name)

2024 Conservative Index
U.S. Congress CD1  Kevin Hern (Incumbent) Did Not Participate
U.S. Congress CD1  Paul Royse Did Not Participate
U.S. Congress CD2 Josh Brecheen (Incumbent) Unopposed in 2024 Primary
2022 Conservative Index - 100%
Corporation Commissioner Brian Bingman Did Not Participate
Corporation Commissioner Justin Hornback Did Not Participate
Corporation Commissioner Russell Ray Did Not Participate
State Sen. District 03 Julie McIntosh 96.5%
State Sen. District 03 Patrick Sampson 85.9%
State Sen. District 03 Blake "Cowboy" Stephens (Incumbent) Did Not Participate
State Rep. District 04 Bob Culver (Incumbent) Unopposed in 2024 Primary
State Rep. District 08 Tom Gann (Incumbent) Unopposed and Won Outright
State Rep. District 12 Kevin McDugle (Incumbent) WITHDREW
State Rep. District 12 Mark Chapman Unopposed in 2024 Primary
State Rep. District 13 Neil Hays (Incumbent) Did Not Participate
State Rep. District 13 Jarod Mendenhall Did Not Participate
State Rep. District 14 Chris Sneed (Incumbent) Unopposed and Won Outright
State Rep. District 23 Derrick Hildebrant 95.3%
State Rep. District 23 Connor Whitham Did Not Participate
State Rep. District 98 J. David Taylor 92.9%
State Rep. District 98 Gabe Woolley 85.9%
State Rep. District 98 Dean Davis (Incumbent) Did Not Participate
County Commissioner District 02 Jim E. Helm 100%
County Commissioner District 02 Randy Stamps 71.8%
County Commissioner District 02 Dustin Dorr 16.5%
County Clerk Lori Hendricks (Incumbent) Unopposed and Won Outright
County Court Clerk James Hight (Incumbent) Unopposed and Won Outright
County Sheriff Tyler Cooper 96.5%
County Sheriff Chris Elliott (Incumbent) Did Not Participate in 2024
2020 Conservative Index - 73%
County Sheriff Jamie Wheeler Did Not Participate

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