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Welcome to Wagoner County Republican Party

We in the Republican Party of Wagoner County strive to build a more prosperous local community, state, and nation where individual prosperity is encouraged, a person’s productivity is limited only by his individual ability and personal initiative and where citizens may enjoy the freedom to pursue life as described by the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Wagoner County Republican Party, composed of individuals of many views and opinions regarding the means to achieve that goal, unite with the common belief that those individual rights and the limitation of government set forth in the Constitution of the United States are sacrosanct, and the ideals of moral and fiscal conservatism and individual responsibility are paramount to maintain liberty for all people of our great state and nation.

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    Wagoner County GOP June 2024 Candidate Forum

    Wagoner County Republican Party Newsletter

    Next Monthly Meeting Scheduled for Thursday, June 6, 2024


    We invite you to attend; come early at 6:15 and meet the
    candidates in a one-on-one setting.

    Meeting at 7:00 pm

    Guest Speakers: 2024 Republican Party Primary Candidates who completed the Candidate Information Committee process and received a passing vote have been invited to speak at the Candidate Forum. This list includes the following.

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    Important Stuff You Don't Want to Miss!

    Wagoner County Republican Party Newsletter

    No Monthly Meeting in April!

    Due to 1st and 2nd Congressional District Conventions taking place in April we will not have a monthly meeting in April.  Our next Monthly Meeting will take place when we have our Candidate Forum on June 6th with those Candidates who have participated in the Candidate Information Committee's Questionnaire.

    Then we will have a Monthly Meeting on July 11th. Normally we don't have a meeting in July but since we have not had monthly meetings we have decided to have one on the 2nd Thursday of the month of July.  More information will be coming out about that.

    Important dates to remember:

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