Bill Day, Candidate for State Senate District 36


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Voting history:

Registered to vote on 25 August 2006. DAY, a Republican, voted in person on 11 July 2017, voted in person on 9 May 2017, voted in person on 4 April 2017, voted in person on 8 November 2016, voted in person on 1 March 2016, voted in person on 10 November 2015, voted in person on 10 February 2015, voted in person on 4 November 2014, voted in person on 6 November 2012 and voted “absentee in person” in the election held 2 November 2010. 

Source: Oklahoma state-wide voter list as of 7 June 2018 downloaded from the Oklahoma State Election Board.

Campaign finance


  • Oklahomans for Public Education
  • Dr. Gary Gerber, Former Broken Arrow Public Schools Superintendent
  • Leslie Alexander, K-12 public school speech language pathologist
  • Mark Long, Former Mazzio’s Vice President
  • Eileen Warren, Teacher
  • Bridget and Pete Beaver
  • Kay Long, 1998 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year
  • Ernest Redwine, Former Chair of BA Downtown Advisory Board
  • Sandy Montgomery, developer of BAPS Gifties and ELL programs
  • Dr. Betty Gerber, founding Exec. Dir. of Museum Broken Arrow (ret.)
  • Melissa Hulse, public school Speech Language Pathologist
  • Stephanie Farlow, Union Public School music educator
  • Theresa Parmele, Special Education Teacher